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Suzy and Leah Review

Teacher: Brittany Wheelus
An unpleasant, ill tempered person
Bit at, poked, or picked at something as a bird would do
Blonde Haired Character
POS- prickly
Having sharp points
The oatmeal is a type of _______.
Filled with wild rang or anger
POS for penned
When and where a story takes place
POS for cupboard
War SUzy and Leah took place during.
His accident left a _______ scar.
Brown Haired Character in Refugee Camp
POS for Falsely
POS for refugee
Soft food made of cereal boiled in water
Locked up in a small enclosure
Author's purpose
Leah got sick and had to have her _______ taken out.
Suzy wrote in her _____.
Vicki insisted she had been ________ accused.
Leah wrote to her _____.
State the refugees were taken too
Unstable or poorly constructed
Drawn back in fear
Little boy hidden in cupboard
Author's Purpose
Author's Purpose
__________ still separated the refugees from the rest of the world.
City the refugees were taken too.
The horses were _________ in a corral.
Not fresh
POS for Permanent
Cabinet with shelves for cups, plates, and food
Person who flees home or country to seek shelter from war or cruelty
POS for porridge
Her grandmother built a special _______ for her collection of teacups.
Incorrectly; untruthfully
The edging on a piece of clothing or on another object