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Science Study Guide - 5th Grade

The bouncing of light waves off a surface such as a mirror or glass window
One of three processes by which heat can be transferred through matter
The __________ of a substance measures the amount of mass that fits into a given volume.
A mixture in which the particles are large enough to be seen
The range of the electromagnetic spectrum in which humans can perceive with their eyes
A mixture in which the particles of each substance are mixed evenly
When energy is absorbed during the change mentioned in the clue above, the reaction is called a ________ reaction.
The law of conservation of energy says that energy can be neither ______ nor destroyed.
The ability of a substance to burn is a chemical property called what?
A sound wave is an example of this type of wave.
Thermal energy moves from objects of ______ temperature to colder temperature.
The energy present in bonds that hold protons and neutrons together.
Pitch is related to the _________ of the sound wave, or the rate at which the source of the sound is vibrating.
A _________ property of matter is one that can be observed or measured without changing an object or the materials it's made of into something else.
The bending of a light wave as it passes from one medium to another such as from air to water
Loudness is related to the ______ of a sound wave or the difference in pressure between the compressions and refractions of the sound wave.
One of three processes by which heat can be transferred through matter
The energy of position
One of three processes by which heat is transferred through matter
Every magnet has two poles, the south seeking pole and the _______ seeking pole.
The energy that holds substances together within molecular bonds is called what?
The _________ of a substance is the ability of the substance to float in a liquid or rise in a gas.
The energy of motion
A _________ change occurs when new substances have been formed out of the original atoms.
A circuit in which all devices are connected in a row is a _______ circuit.
A wave is a disturbance that travels through matter and space, carrying __________ from one place to another without carrying matter along with it.
A mixture in which the particles are very small and therefore cannot be filtered