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Squank's Crossword #2

Southern-style cartoon sheriff.
Crimson Tide, slangily
A dog in the house.
Dammer's demeanor.
Virginia Woolf's Hagen.
Type of ground legume.
Home of Creoles and Cajuns, abbr.
"Hey, if they want to jump off a cliff, _____!" (2 wds)
Fungi from a swampy inlet.
Wozniak's rock festival.
Multiple award winner, acr.
Renowned Hound of blue.
Renowned Hound of blue.
Buckeyes' alma mater, briefly.
Severus's portrayer.
"Oh!" said by the Jetson's dog?
Freq. mod.'s partner.
OshKosh Corp. on the NYSE.
Orange Sunshine or Purple Haze.
Asian country United __ , abbr.
Daily compulsion, briefly.
Clay pup.
Kenyan beest.
Doggie Daddy's charge.
Doggie Daddy's charge.
Cur who stands the fool.
Cass. replacement.
Former ubiquitous ISP product mailed to drive sales.
The Big Easy, briefly.
Santa's elf?
To pair
Dog with spelled-out name.
Two-vol. book that comes with mag. glass.
Lamb sandwich.
Scoobert's nephew.
Garden amendment
"_____ Reader alternative digital digest.
Wax to burn
New Zealand insect.
To shred without A.
Jack and Wendy's fare.
Little preposition.
Morning Meal
Sound of hesitation.
Sound of hesitation.
Texan gamer.
Anal or tril ending.
Mikhail's design #47, abbr.
Military vehicle, slangily, ___vee.
Oak. A's, for example.
"Bell Song" opera.
Jose's article.
Husky Nome hero.
Longer lines.
Sheepdog who clocks in.
Stimpson's pal.
"It sounds far-fetched....__ __ __ _ _?" (3 wds + abbr.)
See #47 down.
Family dog.
Men's room?
It shows who you are, briefly.
With #41 down, low-status super hero.
Not subterranean, briefly. (mil.)
Ancient board game.
Mildly ludicrous.
A guiding belief or principle.
He teaches marching skills, abbr.
Bic Clic ____.
Bleach, e.g., var.
Mega Drive maker.
Simple dir.
To supply with an unwanted, displeasing excess.
Sock party.
Reading, poss.