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John's Puzzler #20

Octopi actually think with these
"Insomnia Café", the original working title of this long-running "chummy" TV sitcom
The last letter of the Greek alphabet
Naval Base, America's oldest overseas military installation (2 words)
1927 movie, the first with sound (3 words)
University with the largest student enrollment in the United States (2 words)
The only performer ever to receive an Oscar acting nomination for a Star Wars film
Canadian Country/Pop superstar, she had the top-selling album of the 1990s (2 words)
The chemical element Mercury is more commonly called this
He earned Emmy noms for playing the same character on three different TV series
"The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" author
In Homer's The Iliad, she's the wife of Sparta's King Menelaus
He never scaled the peak of the renowned western U.S. landmark named after him
Sports Bar staple first introduced in 1964 in New York state (2 words)
Inorganic compound giving Mars it's red color (2 words)
A spice, widely considered to be the world's most expensive
The only planet rotating clockwise
A spider's is stronger than steel
Legendary Cleveland radio DJ, he first gave us the phrase "rock and roll"
To sleep a little
With over two billion books sold globally, she is the top-selling novelist of all-time (2 words)
Elephants can smell this life-sustainer from up to three miles away
He ran for U.S. President in 1996 and 2000 with the Green Party
Edward Teach, more commonly known as this wicked whiskered 18th century pirate
He was fond of painting melting clocks
Western state, the only one in the 48 Continental USA without a Navy battleship named in it's honor
A shark's skeleton is composed entirely of this
What baby bunnies are called
"The most crooked street in the world"
Castor and Pollux, the zodiac's ______ Twins