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Exploring Music

Teacher: Mario Martinez
This note is always in the middle
Means very Lively
Adds 1/2 the value of the note
There are 5 of these on sheet music
Came from the Civil War
He is 59 years Old
Gets 2 beats
Also called G cleff
Michael Jackson
Gradually Softer
Has beads shaken for rythum
Has 88 Keys
Also called F cleff
Room without a roof
WMHS Mascot
Mr Martinez likes these yellow friends
A magic carpet ride
Gradually Louder
Equals 1 Beat
Equals 1/2 beat
Used as a marker
Alladins Girlfriend
To go back
Means Loud
We beat on this for rythum
Best Days of your ______
There are 4 of these on sheet music