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Science unit 3 - Earth's Structure

Earth's outer layer (crust & upper mantle)
A large mass of igneous rock in Earth's crust that covers a large area
Lithosphere is divided into these
Amount of force per unit area on a given material
Process by which new sea floor forms as old sea floor is pulled away
Earth's center of dense, metallic material
Dense, thick middle layer of earth
Tension causes large blocks of crust to drop down
Process by which the shape of rock changes from stress
A break in a body of rock along which one block slides
Theory that earth's lithosphere is divided into tectonic plates
Below the lithosphere-layer of the mantle-soft flowing solid rock
Alfred Wegener's hypothesis-single large land mass broke up into continents
Surface layer of the earth
Rock layers are squeezed together and pushed upward
Bending of rock layers in response to stress
Molten rock erupts onto earth's surface
The single large continent