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Science Crossword Puzzle

Author: Madison
The theory scientist use to explain the movement of plates on the earths surface
The place where parts of the earths crust along the ocean floor are being split apart and molten rock pushes up to the new ocean floor and mountain range
A process which magma is slowly pushed up through cracks in a rift and then cools to find the new sea floor
A mountain that may form around ground in an opening in the earths surface where an eruption of motion rock occurs
The sudden movement of rock along fault which releases energy vibrations
A boundary where plates grind past each other
The earths outermost layer
A slower kind of wave released by an earthquake that causes vibrations at right angles to the waves direction point
The cool solid portion of the earth that includes the crust and mantle
A deep ocean valley formed where two crustal parts move apart
The earths outermost layer
A boundary where two crustal plates move away from each other
A boundary where two crustal plates collide into each other
The layer directly beneath the earths crust
A zone partially melted rock in the upper mantle
An energy wave from an earthquake that travels only on the surface and moves less quickly than P waves and S waves
A scale that measures the amount of energy during an earthquake
The point the earths surface directly above focus
The point in the earths crust where the first major movement of an earthquake fault occurs
A primary wave of released energy in the earths surface that causes a back and forth vibration in the same direction that the wave moves