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8th SSA Vocabulary - Nature of Science

Factors that are not changed in an experiment
Field of science that studies living things
A logical conclusion based on observation
Performing multiple trials of an experiment to get more accurate results
A scientific explanation of a natural phenomenon based on evidence
A formal discussion that views opposing arguments
A scientific investigation that tests one variable at a time
The law of __ states matter and energy cannot be created or destroyed
The __ group in an experiment does not contain the variable
The variable that is changed, tested, or manipulated
One __ of scientific models is that they cannot respond they way living things do
__ evidence is gained by observation or experimentation
A summary of knowledge gained from an investigation
A statement of what will happen next based on observation & prior knowledge
Field of science that studies matter and energy
Theory that explains the movement of sections of Earth's crust cause earthquakes
An event or situation that can be observed
Using your senses to gather information
A possible scientific explanation that can be tested
A rule that describes or predicts a natural phenomena
Another scientist performing your experiment to check validity
The practical use of scientific knowledge
The __ variable is measured or is the outcome
Theories and laws can be revised when new __ is discovered