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8th SSA Vocabulary - Physical Science

State of matter with high particle energy and low particle attraction
If you decrease the temperature you will __the rate of a chemical reaction
A combination of 2 or more pure substances that can be separated by physical means
Horizontal row on the periodic table containing elements with the same number of electron shells but properties change
Type of radiation used for making images from heat
When light bounces off of an object
A substance with a low pH, sour taste, and turns litmus red
Type of radiation that is used for tanning lamps and sterilizing medical equipment
Physical changes only change the physical properties of matter, but __changes change the identity of matter
The measure of the amount of mass per unit of volume.
The flow of energy from objects with high temperature to objects of lower
A change in speed and/or direction of an object, can be positive or negative
The substance that is dissolved in a solution
The Law of __states that energy cannot be created or destroyed
Energy that is stored in an object due to its relative position
A push or pull on an object as a result of contact or acting at a distance
__ point of a substance when it changes phase from a solid to a liquid
The distance between the crest or trough of one wave to the same point on the next
The __number on the periodic table represents the number of protons in an element's atom
A force between two objects that works against the direction of motion to slow an object down
A __substance of matter that has a constant chemical composition
Measurement of the amount of matter.
Subatomic particle with no charge found in the nucleus
Vertical column on the periodic table in which elements have similar properties
The process of energy changing from one form to another
If you increase temperature you will __the rate of a chemical reaction
Energy of motion depending on an object's velocity and mass
The distance an object travels in a unit of time. Measures how fast an object is traveling
Positively charged subatomic particle found inside the nucleus
When forces acting on an object are __ the object moves
The substance that dissolves another substance
The number of waves that pass a set point at a given unit of time
The ability of a substance to allow heat or electricity to pass through it
Pure substance made of 2 or more elements chemically bonded
A substance with a high pH, soapy feel, and turns litmus blue
A substance produced by the reaction of an acid and base
__point of a substance when it phase changes from a liquid to a gas
Heat can be __ by conduction, convection, or radiation
State of matter with low particle energy and high particle attraction
Negatively charged subatomic particle found outside the nucleus
When light changes direction and speed as it passes from one medium to another
__ depends on an object's mass and the pull of gravity
The sum of all forces acting on an object is its __force