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Ethics & Law 2021

Element of negligence: reasonable, close, and causal connection between defendant's negligence conduct and the resulting damages suffered by the plaintiff
Element of negligence: legal obligation of care, performance or observance imposed on one to safeguard the rights of others; arises from a relationship
Unauthorized use or disclosure of patient infromation; someone uses another person's name or insurance information to get medical treatment, prescriptions, surgery or when one uses another person's information to submit false bills to insurance companies
Evidence furnished by things themselves; most trustworthy and preferred type of evidence; consists of tangible things
Element of negligence: involves physical, loss of income, loss of reputation, not due to an act of God
Unlawful, intentional killing of a person
Knowing that a danger exists and voluntarily accepting the risk by exposing oneself to it, knowing that harm might occur
Type of intentional tort; false oral or written communication to someone other than the individual defamed, subjecting that individual's reputation to scorn and ridicule
Form of negligence; Improper performance of an act resulting in injury to another
Legislatively imposed time constraints that restrict the period of time after an injury occurs during which a legal action must be commenced;
First step of the criminal procedure; defendant is taken to the appropriate law enforcement agency for processing which includes paperwork & fingerprinting
Right to be left alone, right to be free from unwarranted publicity and exposure to public view, as well as the right to live one's life without having one's name, picture, or private affairs made public against one's will; in healthcare relates to confidentiality
Form of negligence; Failure to act where there is a duty to act as a reasonably prudent person would in similar circumstances
Written defamation
Form of negligence; Execution of an unlawful or improper act
Type of intentional tort; infringement on the mental security/ tranquility of another; deliberate threat with the apparent present ability to do physical harm to another
Conduct hat unjustifiably and inexcusability inflicts or threatens harm to individuals or public interest
A civil wrong, other than a breach of contract, committed against a person or property for which court provides a remedy in the form of an action for damages
Form of conduct caused by heedlessness or carelessness that constitutes a departure from the standard of care generally imposed on reasonable members of society; fails to guard against a risk, causes unreasonable danger to others
Lack of ordinary care on the part of the person injured, that, combined with the negligent act of another, caused the injury; does not exercise reasonable care for one own safety
Type of crime; punishable by imprisonment in a state or federal prison for a period of more than 1 year
Special kind of agreement, either written or oral that involves legally binding obligations between two or more parties
This act provides a criminal and civil enforcement tools and funding (framework) dedicated to fight against healthcare fraud
Primary agency for exposing and investigating healthcare fraud
Type of intention tort; violation of another's physical integrity, intentional touching of another person in a socially impermissible manner, without that person's consent
Part of the criminal procedure; commences a criminal proceeding, formal charge
Suffered by plaintiffs, can be awarded as compensation for loss or injury as a result of negligence of the defend
Legal order requiring the appearance of a person and/or presentation of documents to a court or administrative body