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Pop culture crossword

Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch is this animal (3)
TV show about plan crash survivors (4)
American Ferrera TV series, ____ Betty (4)
Diana Ross group, The ________ (8)
Rebel Wilson's Pitch Perfect character (3,3)
Aussie children's puppet TV star (4)
With 6 down, In A World director/star (4,4)
Singer of Lights, _____ Goulding (5)
Film about, and song from, Ritchie Valens (2,5)
Debut directorial effort of Darren Aronofsky (2)
Justin Timberlake song, Suit and ___ (3)
MMMBop brothers (6)
Taylor Momsen's character in The Grinch, Cindy Lou-___ (3)
Alyson Hannigan's character in How I Met Your Mother (4)
French culinary animation
City featured in The Departed, The Town (6)
I Have Nothing singer, _______ Houston (7)
Role for which Heath Ledger won an Oscar, The _____ (5)
Tye Sheridan film, _____ Player One (5)
Won the best original song Oscar for A Star is Born (4,4))
Sequel, Look Who's Talking ___ (3)
Cinderella film, ____ After (4)
Tom Petty and the _____________ (13)
Law and Order star (3-1)
Singalong Elton John song on the Almost Famous tour bus (4,6)
Bob Marley song (3,4)
Band whose songs inspired an Emilia Clarke Christmas movie (4)
'Age' of Sid, Manny and Diego (3)
Family at the centre of Downton Abbey (7)
Cher song, _______ Tramps and Thieves (7)
Award given to theatre performers (4)
Multiple Oscar-nominee married to Darren LeGallo (3,5)
Russell Crowe's Les Miserables character (6)
Belle director, ____ Asante (4)
What Colplay wants to do to you (3)
According to Mean Girls, this colour is worn on Wednesdays (4)
Joan Allen film, The ______ of anger (6)
Villain in the Scream films (9)
Won an Oscar for playing former boxer Dicky Eklund, Christian ____ (4)
Lethal Weapon 3 star, Rene _____ (5)
First entry in Liam Neeson action franchise (5)
Ryan Reynolds' wife, Blake ______ (6)
Animal voiced by Bryan Brown in Finding Nemo (5)
Indiana Jones hates them (6)
Surname of Michael Clarke Duncan's The Green Mile character (6)
Surname of Dom and Mia in the Fast and Furious series (8)
Hospital series executive produced by Steven Spielberg (2)
Lupita Nyong'o horror film (2)
With 15 across, In a World director/star (4,4)
Word common to songs from Katy Perry, The Eagles and The Mamas and the Papas (10)
Surname of three-time best actor Oscar winner (3-5)
TV show which springboarded the careers of Claire Danes and Jared Leto, My __-______ Life (2-6)
My Super __-Girlfriend (2)
Where the Fresh Prince was born and raised, West ____________ (11)
Who don't you put in a corner? (4)
Johnny Cash's wife, June ______ (6)
Eldest daughter of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban (6)
Animated children's character (5)
Madonna's eldest daughter (7)
First half of Tom Cruise movie (3,3)
Massive 1960s music festival (9)
Outkast hit, Hey __ (2)
New Rules singer, ___ Lipa (3)
How Stella ___ Her Groove Back (3)
Author of PS I Love You, Cecilia _____ (5)
Teen detective series, ________ Mars (8)
Hall and Oates song, ____ Girl (4)
First name of first Australian Idol winner (3)
90s animated series about a sardonic teen (5)
Nationality of Whenever, Wherever singer Shakira (9)
What John McClane asks Officer Powell to call him (3)
Kate Hudson's half-brother, _____ Russell (5)
I Try singer, ____ Gray (4)
Second half of Tom Cruise film name (3,3)
Christina Milian song, __ to PM (2)
Octavia Spencer 'horror' movie (2)
Michael Douglas thriller, ___'_ Say a Word (3'1)
"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't _____" (5)
Michael Jackson wants to know if she's okay (5)
First name of star and title character of The Nanny (4)
Denzel Washington's character in Remember the Titans, Coach _____ (5)
Cafe from Friends, Central ____ (4)
Studio behind Up, Coco and Wall-E
Imma __, Black-Eyed Peas song (2)
Song title shared by ABBA and Rihanna (1.1.1)
Japanese actor, ___ Watanabe (3)