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Who Knows Paul?

Went to Mexico with
Sisters name
Installed at Garys' house
A yearly feast at John and Louises
Every ski day
Built with Christopher
Color of wine he spilled on McCurdys white carpet
Favorite donut with Natalie
Delivers to Ruth every morning.
Nephews name
First teaching job
Fathers name
First middle name
Nickname for Kay
Knocked teeth out
Jealous of Garys'
Calls Louise
Favorite ski run in Banff
Helped Les with Labor Day
Favorite store
Went to for 13 years
First ski house
Met Ruth here
Les and Christines haven that Paul loves
Morries sister
Went to the Grand Canyon with
Where last principal job was
Shoe size
The room John and Paul put in a floor on 54th
Seeds from Jane
Got lost going to with Jane
Loved her very cool dad
Cat lady
First principal job
Activity with Jewish pals
Installed at Bobs'
Mothers name