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history of medicine

With which product is the Bayer company associated with?
The world's first successful vaccine was for which disease
Which instrument, used for listening to the heart, was invented in 1817?
James Watson, Maurice Wilkins and which other person shared a Nobel Prize for their discoveries about DNA?
What is the name of the man who proved that cholera wasn’t a problem in Soho apart from people that drunk from one specific pump? He also studied water from the pump finding white flecks in it which he accredited with the illness.
South African doctor Christiaan Barnard was a pioneer in which procedure?
What is the name of the first woman to practise medicine in the United States? Blackwell
Who, in 1543, was the author of the influential anatomy book 'De humani corporis fabrica' (The Fabric of the Human Body)?
This woman is remembered as a pioneer of nursing. She worked during the Crimea War, and her views regarding sanitation changed the way doctors and nurses worked.
What was first used for medical purposes in the 1890’s? (1,3)
Who made the first rabies vaccine in 1885?
Which disease did Jonas Salk develop a vaccine for in 1953?
Which Ronald demonstrated that malaria is spread my mosquitos in 1898?
Who developed the 'Theory of the Four Humours'?
Microbiologist Robert Koch is best known for his research into which disease?
After whom is the oath that doctors still take named after?
Henry Gray’s name is used in a famous book regarding what?
What did Alexander Fleming famously discover in 1928?
In the 19th century, germ theory replaced _______ theory as the prevailing explanation for disease. It is another word for bad air.