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What was the name of the army over which Napoleon took command in March 1796? Army of _____
What is Napoleons surname?
In which year in the 1800’s did number 13 take place?
To which island was Napoleon exiled by the Allies after his defeat at Waterloo in June 1815? St. ______
Which battle was known as the Battle of The Three Emperors?
Which defeat ended Napoleons rule as emperor?
The invasion of this country in 1812 by Napoleon marked the turning point of his fortunes, and led eventually to his downfall.
During the battle from number 11, the French and which other nation combined to take control of the English Channel and provide the Grande Armée safe passage?
To the nearest five, how old was Napoleon when he died?
Who commanded the Prussian forces in Belgium during the Hundred Days, when Napoleon returned from exile?
What is the Collective name for the Spanish campaigns of 1807-1814? __________ war.
What was notable about Napoleons appearance?
In which year in the 1800’s did Napoloen become emperor?
Which battle occurred on the 21st of October 1805?
During Napoleons Egyptian campaign in 1799, which famous stone did a French soldier discover?
What did Napoleon reportedly carry around his neck that he could use if he was ever captured?
Which French town did Napoleon play a large role in recapturing in 1793, also vastly improving his reputation as a soldier?