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Victorian History!

In which town was the first dinosaur bone discovered in Australia in 1903?
Which first nations landscape was World Heritage Listed in 2019? (4,3)
What was once known as the sow and piglets (6,8)
What was blown up in Melbourne in 1883? (5,5)
What is second oldest library in Victoria? (7,9,9)
Which Wurundjeri man was a key ambassador for his people in the late 19th century? (7,5)
Where was home to Daryl and Joan Lindsay? (8,4)
Frederick Sargood built which Melbourne mansion? (6,3)
What is the First Nations name for Melbourne? (5)
What was home to the Leviny family for 118 years? (4)
What area of Melbourne is the oldest continuous example of its type in the Western world? (5,4)
Which Prime Minister is said to have had a hut on the roof of Parliament House where he hid from the media? (5,6)
What does the clock in Melbourne Central play on the hour? (8,7)
What is the oldest ride at Luna Park? (6,7)
Which town was originally known as Belfast? (4,5)
One of the founders of the State Library and the judge who condemned Ned Kelly (7,5)
Finished in 1888 what used for making ammunition? (5,4,5)
Who was the first Victoria woman to stand for federal parliament? (4,9)
Which was the last Australian state to grant women suffrage? (8)
Which 'wrecker' was known for demolishing buildings across Melbourne? (6)