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John's Puzzler #21

Well I'll be a monkey's uncle, this is Walmart's top-selling item
"Red" Avenue, statistically a Monopoly board's most landed upon property
Popular game's name, the Swahili word for "to build"
Yosemite main attraction, it's earth's tallest granite monolith (2 words)
What Swiss cheese holes are called
"The Big Trail", this late larger-than-life legend's first movie (2 words)
This late, legendary Triple Crown winning horse still owns the fastest Kentucky Derby time
Superhero Iron Man is based on this late reclusive oddball billionaire (2 words)
The world's fastest insect
Dog breed, the only one that can furnish evidence in a U.S. courtroom
Tigers have stripes on both their fur and their ____
Blue, America's most popular color of this oral care instrument
Business school, the world's oldest
Baseball legend, he belted the first All-Star Game home run (2 words)
It's his picture on the US $2 bill
Animals in a state of estivation sleep through this
Mammal, the only one born with horns
Portuguese explorer who christened the ocean "Pacific"
Yuengling, the oldest American one of these
Greek Goddess, every Summer Olympics Medal since 1928 features her
"Bambi", this Pro Football Hall of Fame receiver's graceful nickname (2 words)
U.S. President, the only one to serve non-consecutive terms in office
Iconic German automobile, the "People's Car"
Grant's Tomb, the largest one of these in the Western Hemisphere
Grand Canyon "talk back"
She accompanied Lewis & Clark
This element is the "air" filling potato chip bags
Nicknamed "The Natural State"
Pound Cake, so called because the original recipe called for one lb. of this
The sun is not yellow but actually this color