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Math Terms Geometry

Triangle with one right angle
Line that cuts across parallel lines
Angles whose sum is 90
An angle that measures more than 90 and less than 180
The point where two sides of and angle meet
Angles that share one side
Straight path of points that continues in two opposite directions
Distance across and through the center of a circle
Angles whose sum is 180
A flat surface
Figures with the same shape but not necessarily the same size
Straight path of points with definite length, having two endpoint
Distance around a closed plane figure
A triangle in which two sides have the same length
A four-sided figure with two pairs of parallel sides
In a right triangle, the side opposite the right angle
Distance around a circle
The two shorter sides in a right triangle
Length x width
Angle measuring less than 90
Lines that intersect at a right angle
Equal sides and equal angles
Lines that run in the same direction and do not cross
Triangle with no equal sides
Angle that measures exactly 90
Closed plane figure formed by three or more line segments
Four-sided figure with four equal sides