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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Greek and Latin Words - First Quarter Cumulative Review

What does a town, city, state, or country create to make sure the law is followed?
What is a person doing when she tries to open a bike lock?
What's the word that describes what good readers do before reading to help them form expectations about what they will read?
Many people set goals and find little things standing in their way, but never give up! What are the little things called?
"Ahoy mates! We need to throw this overboard!" What will the fisherman do to some of their cargo?
If you only want to eat half of your beef jerky, then you might want to do this to it.
Sometimes when a famous actor dies, there is a type of tribute on television that takes a look back at all of the actor's movies.
Old books sometimes use this word instead of handcuffs.
There were so many of these at the football game that the stadium was sold out!
What would a student do if her were to investigate the inside of a frog for science class?
Watch out! There's a _________ crossing the street.
What is the word that describes what you do when you look at something carefully to make sure there isn't anything wrong with it?
Tanya jumped when she saw one of these crawling across her bedroom floor! She's sure it had 100 legs.
What is the word that names the separate part of a society or group?
What is the word that describes what you would do if you cut something into three sections?
What are the historical rulers who forced everyone to follow their laws and wished called?
What do authors write?
What are lions, wolves, and hares examples of?
Your opinion on a decision without listening to others will probably only reflect your what?
This word descries how someone speaks.
A comment someone throws into your conversation when you didn't ask for it is called what?
How might a child feel if he just found out that his goldfish died?
If you do this to a person in authority in a rude voice, then you will probably be punished.
The South Bend Chocolate Company only produces chocolate that is smooth. What will it do to all the chocolate that doesn't turn out smooth?