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Spurs 1 - Founding & History

The club was founded as ______ Football Club.
The club’s first ever manager. (5,8)
Spurs were controversially overlooked for a spot in the expanded 1919 First Division which instead went to this side, sparking a fierce rivalry that lasts to this day.
Nursery club established in 1922, formalised in 1931 and lasted until WWII that produced 37 Spurs players (including 9 internationals) such as Bill Nicholson, Ron Burgess and Taffy O'Callaghan.
Club defeated in the 1921 FA Cup Final. (13,9)
Spurs became the first and still only non-league club to win the FA Cup since the Football League began having beaten this side in the 1901 Final. (9,6)
The only player to make 400 appearances and score 100 goals for Spurs and scored the winner in the 1921 FA Cup Final. (5,7)
One-club man who managed the club from 1949-55 who won back-to-back League titles by consecutively winning the Second and First Division title and is credited with inventing the “one-two”. (6,4)
Spurs initial shirts were this colour. (4,4)
Scored 138 goals in 198 appearances for Spurs before becoming the first player since 1906 to move directly between Spurs and Arsenal when he did so in 1937. (6,4)
One of the eleven founders and first ever club captain. (6,6)
Spurs were eventually elected to the Football League after this Staffordshire side resigned. (5,4)
The club signed their first ever international player when they signed this Welshman in 1897. (4,5)
Ground that they moved into in 1899. (5,4,4)
Spurs wore blue and white halved shirts between 1884-89 inspired by this Lancashire club. (9,6)
The Payne Boots Affair involved the player Ernie Payne who was a player from this fellow London club.
Manager who led Spurs to their first FA Cup. (4,7)
Key signing made in 1949 who would go on to win the 1966 World Cup with England as manager. (3,6)
Chairman from 1899-1943. (7,7)
Goalkeeper who made 452 appearances for the club between 1946-58. (3,9)