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Psychology History & Approaches

Research field; study how we think and how our memories work
We learn through association
Emphasized the importance of observable behavior, while ignoring mental processes, but now incorporates some cognitive though observational and insight learning
Looks at how ethnicity, gender, culture, religion and socio-economic status can affect our behavior and mental processes
Mental processes are influenced by the interaction of biological, psychological and social factors
Emphasizes that people make free and conscious choices based on their unique self concepts and our drive to reach self-actualization
Used classical conditioning to train a child to fear a white rat
Developed psychoanalysis, belived unconscious conflict drives behavior and mental processes
Focuses on the role of the nervous system, glands, hormones and genetic factors affect behavior and mental processes
Used operant conditioning (reinforcement & punishment) to shape behavior
Know Thyself
The key assumption is that animals that can adapt survive and transmit their genes to future generations
Established psychology at Harvard, developed functionalism
Believes that childhood experiences and unconscious motives influence behavior
We are a tabula rasa and learn through experiences
We are born with innate knowledge
Founded psychology in 1879, followed structuralism