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Social Studies | Chapters 4.3-4.4a

Learning Strategies (Tutorial): Mr. Harris
Theory that a nation's economic strength came from protecting and increasing its home economy by keeping strict control of its colonial trade.
Boundary between PN and MD that divided the Middle Colonies from the Southern Colonies.
Belief that one race is superior to another.
A 1649 law passed by the MD assembly that provided religious freedom for all Christians.
Plant used to make valuable blue dye.
Trade product brought into a country.
Colonial trade route between New England, the West Indies, and Africa.
Series of laws passed by the English Parliament in the 1650s that regulated trade between England and its colonies.
Trade product sent to markets outside a country.
Nickname for New England merchants who dominated colonial trade.
Laws that controlled the lives of enslaved African Americans and denied them basic rights.
Person who cannot pay money he/she owes.