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Social Studies | Chapter 4.4b-4.5

Learning Strategies (Tutorial): Mr. Harris
Group of people who have the power to make laws.
Person who learns a trade or craft from a master.
Act of publishing a statement that may unjustly damage a person's reputation.
The highest social class in the 13 colonies.
A 1689 document that guaranteed the rights of English citizens.
Movement in Europe in the 1600s and 1700s that emphasized the use of reason.
Person who agreed to work without wages for a period of time in exchange for passage to the colonies.
Religious movement in the English colonies in the early 1700s.
In 1688, movement that brought William and Mary to the throne of England and strengthened the rights of English citizens.
Written list of freedoms that a government promises to protect.
School supported by taxes.
Private school run by a woman, usually in her home.
In the 13 English colonies, a class that included skilled craftworkers, farmers, and some tradespeople.
Private teacher.