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History chap 42

Area of the country with a rich literary revival in the 80's and 90's
Artist: creator of abstract expressionism
A majority of Americans lived in the ____ by the late 1990's
He had a famous not-guilty murder verdict
Wrote "Angela's Ashes"
_____ research and knowledge drove the US economy in the 1990's
The early 1900's symbol of business was U.S. ______
1st African American to serve as a state governor
From 1981-1997, the majority of immigrants came from ____
Initials of organization headed by Cesar Chavez
African American writer who won Nobel Prize for literature
Site of major racial rioting in 1992
The communication and ____ revolution in postwar America created moral dilemmas.
Computer corporation that was the 1990's economic symbol
Western writer, including "Lonesome Dove"
One group of Americans badly affected by the weakening of the family structure