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Building Vocabulary (Government)

one who is paid to represent an interest group and to influence elected officials to vote for laws that the interest groups support or to defeat laws that the interest group opposes.
the system that gives each branch of government some ways to keep the other two branches from being too powerful.
50 percent of the votes plus (at least) one vote.
income from taxes and fees.
a law that protects society by making certain actions illegal.
deals with the relationships between and among individuals.
the state legislature of the U.S. state of Georgia. It is bicameral.
Official approval.
to reject or refuse to sign a bill.
An association of people who share a common goal or interest that they hope to achieve by influencing public policy.
a person in a legislator's district.
a proposed law.
to set aside for a specific purpose.
a shortage of funds.
The idea of supreme power or the source of authority.
refers to a two-house legislature.
a plan for receiving and spending money.
the division of power among the three branches of government( legislative, executive and judicial)
the introductory statement of the constitution.
an organized group of people who share common ideas and who work to elect members of the party to public office.
a group that has less people.
voting done by the people.
a system in which the national and state government divide both powers and responsibilities over the same territory and the same people.
to change or make an addition.