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AE Algebra Puzzle

A systematic change in each of the coordinates of a graph
A function with a degree of one
6000 x 10^-3
The number of sides of an octagon
The value of 2x+15 when x = -4
Rise over run
A half line
The absolute value of a number is always ____________
(- 2) ^ 3
The direction of the line x = 3
The number of equations needed to solve for two variables
A relation for which each x-value is associated with only one y-value
The point (0, 0)
The sum of a list of values, divided by the number of values
What you should never do in math class
Solve for x: -2x +4 = 7x - 41
An angle that is less than 90 degrees
The set of all y-values of a function