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5th Grade - Chapter 4 Animal Diversity

Teacher: Mrs. Morey
A vertebrate that feeds its young milk
An egg-laying vertebrate with thick dry skin
An adaptation in which an animal protects itself against predators by blending in with the environment
A vertebrate that has both feathers and wings
A type of camouflage in which the color of an animal blends in with its background protecting it against predators
A wide variety of traits in individuals from the same population
A vertebrate that lives its whole life in water
A vertebrate that lives part of its life in water and part of its life on land
Producing offspring by mating individuals from two distinct breeds or varieties of the same species
An adaptation in which an animal is protected against predators by its resemblance to another, unpleasant animal
An organism produced by the crossing of parents that have different forms of the same trait
The passing down of inherited traits from parent to offspring