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Astronomy Crossword

Puzzle Type: Educational
student: Sophia Mercado
A cluster of stars in the same area of space
High energy particles released from the sun during a solar flare
3000 degrees Celsius
Solid core surrounded by ice
A star that temporarily increases in brightness
The distance light travels in 1 year
Our neighboring triple star system
Major outer planet that is blush green and rotates sideways
The explosion of a Massive or Very Massive star
An earth-centered model made by a greek astronomer
Middle portion of the sun where fusion occurs
Planet closest to the sun
Holds minor planets and asteroids; farther out than neptune
Our twin galaxy
Small rock bodies, no atmosphere, irregular shape
Has life and an atmosphere made out of nitrogen and oxygen
2 stars together that revolve around each other
Strikes the atmosphere causing a glowing streak of light
Major outer planet with grey spot and high winds
The universe began with a great explosion
Cloud of gas and dust
a major outer planet with many rings
The red planet