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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Reading Review

Teacher: Ms. Christiano
Asks for a time
Asks for an amount
Asks for a way it was done
A group of sentences about one idea
A statement of what someone thinks, and you can't prove it
Understanding what you read or hear
Asks for a thing
All the words that are there
A,e,i,o,u, and sometimes y
What happened because of the cause
What made something happen
The most important idea of the whole paragraph
A group of words that has a subject, a verb, and expresses a complete thought
Asks for a number
Asks for the reason
Asks for a place
The symbols that stand for the sounds of a language
Knowing the symbols and the sounds they stand for
Tell you how to do something
The name of a story, book, movie, etc.
A piece of a word that you can say
Asks for a name
A statement that is true, and you can prove it
Putting together all the sounds to say a word
The answer is there to show you how to do it