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American History Ch 1 Vocabulary

A political unit that controls the a city and it's surrounding land.
Family ceremonial dinner to show off its wealth.
Chosen tribal leaders
A community of people who share common customs , language, and rituals.
A society, or people sharing a territory, language, and economy
An entire way of life developed by a people.
Five Iroquois nations formed and alliance to end the fighting
Houses dug into the ground and covered with wood and skins.
Various cultures that built large earth mounds beginning about 3000 years ago.
The process of spreading ideas from one culture to another .
Sundried brick.
Spirits who were represented by masked Native American dancers.
Raised roads made of packed earth.
Thick sheets of ice
A region in which people share a similar way of lif
Small communities
A group of related families.
A cord or string with knots that stood for numbers or categories
Spanish word for village
Extra food or supplies
Wide, flat, steps of land -out of the steep mountainsides.