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Cell Vocabulary

Non-living organism made of DNA and a protein coating
Sacs inside a cell that store water, salts, carbohydrates and proteins.
Builds proteins
Involved in photosynthesis in plant cells.
Thread like material in te nucleus that contains DNA which is passed from parents to offspring.
A system of tubes that transport proteins.
Area in the nucleus where ribosomes are made.
Example of a prokaryote cell.
Small simple cell, with no nucleus
Protects and hold a plant cell together.
Large comples cell with membrane bound organelles.
The control center of a cell. Contains DNA
Powerhouse of the cell.
An organelle that is filled with enzymes to breakdown material.
A thin layer between the inside of a cell and its environment.
Granular material inside of the nucleus of animal cells that condenses into chromosomes during cell reproduction
Packages, distributes, modifies, and sorts proteins outside the cell.
New cells come from existing cells
Jelly-like substance outside of the nucleus that holds cell organelles.
Structures within eukaryotic cells that perform specific functions.
Saw the first cell under a microscope