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Notgrass World History Unit 5

Notgrass Exploring World History Unit 5
Demonstrated God's power over the Egyptian gods. (L22)
How many years did Moses spend in Midian tending the flocks of his father-in-law? (L21)
Who was kinsman-redeemer for Ruth? (L24)
Commemorates the Exodus, God's deliverance of Israel. (L22)
Moses spent the first forty years of his life living in this household (L23)
Israel had a responsibility to obey the voice of God and keep his _______ (L22)
Distorts the purpose of the Law (L25)
How did the Israelites often respond to God's blessings? (L22)
The mass movement of the nation of Israel was led by ____ (L21)
Moses spent the last forty years of his life doing this in the wilderness (L23)
Mountain where Moses was called by God through a burning bush (L23)
Book of Ruth was probably written during the reign of this King. (L24)
From what tribe was Moses descended from? (L23)
Elimelech took his family to Moab because of this (L24)
God established this with Israel through Moses on Mt Sinai (L23)
The cycle of crying out for help, God raising someone to deliver them, obedience, sin, idolatry, and starting over is found where? (L21)
Who is the final atonement for our sins? (L25)
Israel's legacy to the world: the ___ of Moses (L21)
Who led the Israelites after Moses? (L21)
Who first received the promise that Israel would be a nation of God's chosen people? (L22)
Pharaoh felt threatened by the ____ of the Israelites (L21)
Because of Jesus, Christians no longer have to live under this (L25)
Who enslaved the Israelites? (L21)
Moses' mother (L23)
Best date: 1446 BC (L22)
Moses spent the second forty years of his life as this (L23)
Who was David's great-grandmother? (L24)
First 5 books of the Bible (L25)
Defied the decree of Pharaoh to kill the male infants (L21)
If you choose life with God, you choose of life ________ (L23)
Ruth's mother-in-law (L24)
Because the Israelites feared they could not conquer the people in Canaan and did not trust God to deliver them, they were forced to do this for 40 years (L21)
Place that Moses fled to after killing an Egyptian in defense of a Hebrew (L23)