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The Ocean

Deepest point in the Atlantic: _________ Deep
Children's toys which helped mankind better understand the ocean currents
A device used to detect sound waves under the water
A self-propelled submersible used for deep ocean explorations
Process of making seawater fit for human consumption
Area in the oceans or seas where ships get stuck because of little to no wind
The ancient flood which brought waters into the Mediterranean
The _____, the loudest unidentified sound recorded underwater
Deepest point in the Mariana trench
Seventy percent of this life essential comes from the ocean
Warmest among the world's great oceans
Last name of the Swiss engineer who dove into the Mariana Trench in 1960
World's longest underwater mountain ridge
Portuguese explorer who gave the Pacific ocean its name
World's most numerous vertebrates
_____ waves, the ocean's biggest underwater waves
Point _____, the most remote spot in the Pacific Ocean
Smallest ocean in the world