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Communications Chapter 15

Student: Hannah Aley
Summary figures that help you communicate the important characteristic of a complex set of numbers
Your speech is organized into 2, 3, or 4 major parts.
Your main assertion
The type of analogy that compares items from the same class
Using the opinions of others to clarify or support your assertions
A visual or auditory means for clarifying ideas
A statement explaining the meaning of a term or concept
A blueprint for your speech
A longer and more detailed example
A example told in story-like form
Figures unmodified by any mathematic operation
Individual words that tell listeners where you are in your speech
Preview transitions help the audience get a general idea of where you're going
Especially useful when you wish to describe objects or places
Words, phrases, or sentences that help your listeners follow the development of your thoughts and arguments
Comparisons that are often extremely useful in making your ideas clear and vivid to your audience
This gains attention, establishes a speaker-audience-topic connection, and orients the audience as to what it is to follow
A relatively brief specific instance
The type of analogy that compares items from different classes
The main part of your speech