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Body, Mind and Spirit

Favorite movie of Victoria Moran and title of her month long Live Video on YouTube
Beautiful blonde from Ladysmith, animal activist
Meal in a glass
Something the animals are grateful for
A positive one can change how you see things
The____ of the Lord , is my strength
Special designation acquired only from the Main Street Vegan Academy
A type of nutrition that looks at the environment
Favorite 'bean' for making treats
Excellent seed source of omega 3's
Synonym for vegan
A lovely 'Grey' tea
Something exercise can alleviate
Something to saute veggies in when you want very low fat
A property of dandelion leaf tea
9 Essential ingredients for ideal health
Common ingredient for '6 across'
Who you need to take care of first so you can help others
Group that helps people with eating disorders and spirituality
Charity that finds homes for homeless felines (Vancouver, BC)
This slippery herb may alleviate a sore throat
Abbreviated country this puzzle maker lives in
Beatles song: All you need is....
Type of candy found in nature