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Life Science pages 22-31

Watery material inside a cell
First person to observe cells
Woman who helped figure out the structure of DNA
Duplication of DNA
British scientist who helped figure out structure of DNA
These serve to store materials
These recycle worn-out organelles
DNA is a double _____
These produce proteins
Organism with more than 1 cell
These contain chlorophyll
Small structures in cells that do various tasks
_______ reticulum
Piece of DNA that has genetic information
______ apparatus
Cell walls are mostly made of ______
Plant cells have this, but animal cells do not. (2 words)
Deoxyribonucleic acid
Most cells are _______
Control center of the cell
Liquid _____ helps make life possible on earth
All living things are made up of these
The cell _____ controls what goes into and out of the cell.
Organism with only one cell
These are the "powerhouses" of the cell
One of the scientists who developed the cell theory
DNA base that pairs with thymine
First scientist to observe the nucleus