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Notgrass World History Unit 6

Notgrass Exploring World History Unit 5
Solomon started out very faithful to God but having too many of these caused him to become unfaithful (L29)
Solomon is known for this: he asked God to give this to him (L29)
What famous Philistine warrior was defeated by David? (L27)
The author of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon (L29)
A spokesman for God (L30)
The wicked wife of King Ahab, who brought Ba'al worship to Israel. (L27)
In marriage, David practiced this, the name for many wives (L28)
From what son of Noah were the Assyrians descended? (L27)
The father of David's best friend, also David's enemy who tried to kill him (L28)
The most important predictions the prophets made were about the upcoming what? (L30)
Saul and his sons were killed in battle against whom? (L28)
Who was David's great grandmother? (L28)
What was the name of a Philistine god that later became a term for Satan? (L27)
What was the name of the Phoenician port known for its trade in papyrus? (L27)
Rehoboam heeded the advice of his young counselors, who were his _____ (L26)
The statues of what animals stood beside Solomon's throne? (L29)
What foreign queen was amazed at Solomon's wealth and wisdom? (L29)
Who was David's closest friend? (L28)
Which prophet was a shepherd and fig grower? (L30)
What nation conquered Israel in 722 BC, taking many people into exile, some never to return? (L30)
What did the Northern Kingdom worship? (L26)
What king helped with materials for the building of the temple? (L29)
David reigned for 33 years over this nation (L28)
Solomon completed 2 major building projects: the temple and this (L29)
Amos preached to the Northern kingdom, also known as ____ (L30)
This city was the capital of Assyria, also the city where the story of Jonah takes place later on. It was also known for its great library(L27)
Prophesied to the Southern Kingdom of Judah (L26)
A text from this Pharaoh was the first archaeological reference to the Philistines in about 1185 BC. (L27)
The King that allowed the captive Jews to return to their homeland. (L26)
What was the skill of the Hittites that was most feared by other nations? (L27)
One of the two tribes who remained loyal to the dynasty of David after Jeroboam revolted. (L26)
They were most known for the occupations of sea faring and trading (L27)
David oversaw the construction of this building but did not live to see it completed (L28)
How many years did it take to build the temple? (L29)
Became king of Israel in 970 BC (L26)
What was David taking to his brothers when he killed Goliath and made the Philistines run away? (L28)
Who was the first king of Israel? (L28)
Who did God tell Samuel was to rule over Israel instead of Saul? (L28)