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Science Crossword Puzzle

Author: Nick Hunt
An imaginary line that runs east and west around the center of the earth
The name of the giant supercontinent that existed millions of years ago
The third planet from the sun
Layer of Earth that is 1800 miles thick and over 1000 degrees Celsius
_____ core is the center most layer of the earth
Caused by convergent boundaries
The top of a volcano
The state of the inner core
Blow up
A huge wave caused by an earthquake
_____ boundaries are two plates colliding forming mountains.
Device that records the Earth's movement
A twister created by hot and cold fronts
A hot substance from the Earth's mantle
_____ core is the layer above the inner core
Magma that reaches the Earth's surface
A crack in the earth's surface that causes an earthquake.
Transition zone at the base of the crust
A metal in the outer core with iron
The sand, silt and clay that make up the surface layer of the crust
An imaginary line that runs north and south