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Communications Chapter 16

Student: Hannah Aley
A speech that you read aloud that you have written word for word
A speech that involves thorough preparation but no exact wording.
The use of a word or sentence whose literal meaning is the opposite of the message actually conveyed.
A result of movements of the speech organs as they modify and interrupt the air stream
Stylistic devices including alliteration, antithesis, hyperbole, irony, metaphor, and metonymy
The repetition of the same initial sound in two or more words.
The substitution of a name for a title with which it's closely associated.
You write out the speech and recite it word for word from memory
Phrases that weaken your sentences.
The presentation of contrary ideas in parallel form
The use of part of an object to stand for the whole object
The attribution of human characteristics to inanimate objects
The technical vocabulary of a specialized field
The production of words or syllables to some accepted standards
The use of extreme exaggeration
A communication style that resembles informal conversation as opposed to the more formal style of writing
Comparing two unlike things by stating that one "is" the other.
Language that is used by special groups but is generally considered impolite or improper.
Trite sayings that are worn out because of constant usage
A speech in which you talk without any specific preparation