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7th Grade US History - Unit 3 - Spanning a Continent #2

The ____ Cabinet was a small group of Jackson's friends and advisors who were especially influential in the first years of his presidency. Jackson conferred with them instead of his regular cabinet.
States' _____ is the rights and powers held by individual US states rather than by the federal government.
William Henry ___ is the 9th President.
James ____ is the 5th President.
A ____ tariff is a tax placed on goods from another country to protect the home industry.
Anti-Jackson political party that generally stood for national community and an activist government.
Franklin ____ is the 14th President.
Zachary ____ is the 12 President.
Andrew ___ is the 7th President.
The ____ Removal Act is a law passed in 1830 that forced many Native American nations to move west of the Mississippi River.
The ____-Niners were people who went to California during the gold rush of 1849.
Martin _____ is the 8th President.
Millard ____ is the 13th President.
A ____ tariff is a tax on imports for the purpose of raising money.
John ___ is the 10th President.
____ K Polk is the 11th President.
John ____ Adams is the 6th President.
The ____ Proviso was a bill that would ban slavery in the territories acquired after the War with Mexico.
The ____ is an abandoned mission near San Antonio that became an important battle site in the Texas Revolution.