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Modern History of the Middle East

Terrorist group led by bin Laden.
The branch of Islam that is practiced by most Muslims.
Country where Osama bin Laden was found hiding.
Where most Palestinians live today.
Being proud of one's country.
The dispersion of Jewish people from their homeland.
Terrorist leader who planned the 9/11 attacks.
Holy book of Islam.
Middle Eastern country that was founded in 1948.
Country that was invaded twice by the United States.
President of the United States during the Persian Gulf War.
Belief that the Jewish people deserve to return to their homeland.
President of the United States during 9/11 and the second Iraq War.
Law passed in 1951 that allowed Jews to have citizenship in Israel.
Extremist government of Afghanistan before 9/11 and currently.
The murder of over 6 million Jews by Nazi Germany.
Middle East empire that collapsed after WWI.
Dividing land into different parts or new countries.
Type of weapons the United States believed Saddam Hussein during the Iraq Wars.
Ethnic group in the Middle East who are allies with the United States and have helped during the War on Terror.
Former brutal dictator of Iraq.
Someone displaced due to war or conflict.
The branch of Islam that is mostly practiced in Iran.
Country that was home to Osama bin Laden and led by the Taliban.
Holy book of Judaism.
Holy book of Christianity.