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NUR 471: Historical Figures & Initiatives in Public Health

Granny Wives in Mississippi
Advocate for care/conditions of mental illness
Correlate Environment to disease
Nursing Epidemiologist
Reproductive rights of women/planned parenthood
Founder community health nursing/school nursing
Federally funded health benefit program, distributed by state for those of low-income
Founder African American Nursing Society
Professional Health Guidance for Govt and Private Sectors
American Red Cross
MA Sanitation Public Health Report
National Objectives for Health
Care for Vulnerable
Patho of TB
Antiseptic Medicine
Payroll income tax to benefit retirees. 1935
Red Cross Recruitment
Public Health Reports
Epidemiology/ Cholera
Goal to provide health care insurance for all (2010)
Founder Frontier Services (rural nursing/Applachia)
National Health Insurance for Americans over 65
Vaccine Rabies/Anthrax, Pasteurization of Milk
Community Health Nursing/ Henry Street Settlement
Patho of Diptheria
Professionalism of Nursing
Polio Vaccine
Henry Street Settlement
1st vaccination