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U.S. History chap 37

Truman's home state
Location of a conference between Stalin, FDR, and Churchill
He died, leaving Truman in charge
____ -Hartley Act
Winner of the 1952 presidential election
Location of the U.N. headquarters
After the war it was divided into 4 zones
President with no college degree
Truman was supportive of it becoming a nation
One of the senators who was a famed communist hunter
General fired by Truman
The Truman ____ pledged to aid countries fighting communism
This department was established after WW II
The ____ War started in 1950
Most populated state since 1963
This part of the country was largely anti labor unions
Truman proposed the ____ Deal as part of his political agenda
The ____ program caused many federal employees to lose their jobs
City which received supplies through the air
This group reaped the highest rewards from postwar prosperity
The only nation to have an atomic bomb used against it