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Air Pressure, Weather, Gases

Fluffy, rounded "cottony" clouds
High feathery clouds
Direct transfer of energy from electromagnetic waves
Measurement of amount of moisture in the air.
Measures air pressure
Amount of mass per volume of air
All energy from sun that comes to earth
Cooler air holds less moisture so when cooling occurs and moisture droplets are too heavy, they fall as _____
When water vapor cools, droplets form
Type of invisible electromagnetic energy that can cause sunburn and eye damage.
Heat transfer between gases and liquids
Include trade winds, westerlies and jet stream
Air movement caused by differences in pressure ( high pressure to low pressure).
Caused by uneven heating of earth's surface in a small area (sea breeze/land breeze)
Clouds that form in flat layers
Gas/element that is second most prevalent in earth's atmosphere
CO2, waste product of animals and burning of fossil fuels
Direct transfer of heat between substances
Gas that makes up most of the earth's atmosphere