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The Way of the Mass

Blessed during the Easter Vigil. Located near the altar during Easter season, near baptismal font for the rest of the year, and near casket during funerals
The table on which objects are kept during the celebration of Mass.
A metal container used to carry and burn incense during liturgical ceremonies. AKA: thurible
Room where the sacred vessels, vestments, and other items used in Mass are stored and prepared
a bigger chalice with a lid (which has a cross at the top), which holds the consecrated Body
shallow, gold plate for the Holy Body
The golden container in which the Blessed Sacrament is reserved
Used for washing the priest's hands
Elevated area of the church where the altar sits and priest performs mass
Book containing instructions and prayers for the celebration of Mass
Long piece of cloth worn around the neck and over the breast of the priest. Matches the color of the season/day
A white linen cloth on the altar to keep crumbs or spills from the altar
Main area of the church where the congregation gathers
a linen towel for cleaning the chalice
Liturgical color symbolizes both fire and blood. Used on the feasts of martyrs, Masses of the Holy Spirit, on the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, and Palm Sunday.
Rang during the consecration of the body and blood
Carried by an experieced server during opening and closing processional
Full-length white garment worn by the priest, deacon, and server
Liturgical color that symbolizes melancholy and somberness. Used in penitential seasons (Advent and Lent), and in Masses for the dead.
A candle, often red, that burns near the tabernacle when the Blessed Sacrament is present there
The cabinet in which the three holy oils are kept.
Book containing the biblical readings used during mass
Sacred cup in which the Holy Blood is held
Used to hold the incense before placing in the thurible
Oil of Chrism, Oil of the Sick, Oil of the Catechumens used for blessing during sacramental ceremonies
Situated on each side of the altar to signify Christ's presence (our light)
The sacred table on which the sacrifice of the Mass is offered to God
Two glass bottles holding wine and water for the Holy Mass
Sprinkler for casting holy water on people, places, or objects
cloth, with a printed cross in the middle, that covers a casket or coffin at funerals
The lectern from which the readings are proclaimed.
Liturgical color of life, points to the hope of life eternal. Used in Ordinary Time.
Long stick with a retractable wick on one side and bell on the other to light and extinguish candles
Liturgical color that symbolizes light, purity, joy and glory. Used during Christmas and Easter