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Rocks n' Minerals

Rock, Minerals, and Soil : Tanner West
A mixture of small rocks, sand minerals, and clay .
How something feels .
Contains a lot of humus and minerals , top layer.
Helps determine the color of the mineral .
Rocks formed by heat and pressure , does not contain fossils often because of heat and pressure .
Large granular size , does not hold water well , light in color.
Process of which the earth's surface is carried .
Process that breaks down earth's surface.
A kind of soil with clay , humus , silt .
Orange in color by minerals; holds a lot of water because of the tiny grain size .
Layer of soil below the topsoil.
A naturally formed solid made of grains or of one or more minerals .
How light reflects off the mineral .
Tool used to measure the hardness of a mineral .
Solid object that is formed in nature and not living .
A material that was once living or was formed by living thing
Of minerals , size , shape , texture , color .
Rocks formed by sediments that formed layers and become cemented together by pressure , most likely contains fossils .
How difficult it is for a mineral to be scratched
Formed by melting and cooling rock .
Sometimes the streak of the mineral is the same color of the mineral .
Bottom layer of soil ,solid rock.