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Deep Sea Myth

This God is Poseidon's son and described as "profoundly wise, appear as ageless as the impenetrable sea itself".
Poseidon mated with Demeter in the form of what animal
Poseidon had to catch and persuade this person to marry him.
Poseidon is the father of this great hero who conquers the minotaur and founder of Athens.
This Goddess participated in a contest with Poseidon over the control of Athens and its surrounding territory.
He is called the supporter of the earth but the earthshaker as well, and as a god of earthquakes he exhibits his violence by the rending of the land and the surge of the sea.
Poseidon became enraged with Odysseus after he killed this son.
A tri-tipped weapon that symbolizes Poseidon's Strength
Poseidon's Roman Name
After Poseidon made advances on this person. Amphitrite turned this person into a terrifying monster, encircled by a ring of dogs’ heads.
Poseidon mates with this Goddess and creates a line of monstrous creatures.
Poseidon is known as the King of the Sea and his wrath is symbolized with earthquakes but before this title what was he known for.