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Vocabulary Review--History of Chocolate and Baobab

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ELD Period 6
Mr. Baker
An important Mesoamerican culture that was centered in Southern Mexico and Guatemala.
Something that soaks up water
What the elephant uses to break the bark of the Baobab tree
The customs and traditions by which people in a country live.
Something that is added to food or drink to make it sweet.
The company that invented milk chocolate.
A bird with a 7 ft wingspan which lays one egg a year.
Your reading says that the leaves of the Baobab tree taste like this vegetable.
Costs a lot of money.
The number of countries that Baobab provides resources
The Aztecs added this to chocolate to make it taste hot.
This part of the tree is underground.
A product that you buy that was made in another country.
This is the biggest part of a tree
A spice that Europeans added to chocolate.
An amount of feed allowed for a soldier for a certain period of time.
Class of people who have money and power.
To pay reverence to like a God
A word that means how long something lives
Ceremony associated with a particular celebration like a wedding or a birthday.