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Science Vocabulary

Teacher: Conner
The amount of matter in an object
A change of one or more types of matter into other types of matter with different properties
Force that requires two pieces of matter to touch
Push or a pull
A force that acts at a distance.
Measure of how fast the particles in an object are moving
The tendency of an object to resist any change in motion
Something you find out using your senses.
A standard against which change is measured
Force of attraction between two objects.
Force that results when two materials rub against each other.
Equal forces that combine to act on an object in opposite direction
A change in some properties of matter without forming a different matter.
Infromation form which a conclusion can be drawn
Information from which a conclusion can be drawn.
Rate at which the speed or direction of motion changes over time.
Materials placed together and and the material keeps its own properties
Statement of what you think will happen in an investigation
A mixture in which substances are spread out evenly and will not settle.
The use of scientific methods to test a hypothesis