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100 Turning Points in American History

Alexis Colledge
The person who wrote the Bill of Rights
The place the colonies separated from
The nickname of the land Columbus found
One of the sides of the Boston Massacre
Samuel Morse Didn't invent the telegraph he made what on it
The Erie Canal is considered what of the 19th century
Where the Mayflower departed from
The thing they put you through to see if you're a witch
James W. Marshall saw something shiny in creek near Coloma, California
Congress lacked what to ban slavery in the US
The date of when the First state ratify
People that surrendered to George Washington
The amount That the US paid for the Louisiana Purchase
The state that adopted the ordinance of Nullification
The ethnic group that bought the first slaves in America
The people that shot the "Shot Around the World"
When was the Seneca Falls Convention? You need the month and the year
The war that ignited the French and Indian war
The person who signed off on the Indian Removal Act
Andrew Jackson went to war to get this for the US
The war that was caused by a settler killing a Native American
The state where Jamestown is located
The holiday that the Pilgrims and Wampanoags celebrated
The Supreme Court had the authority, under the Supremacy Clause and Article III, § 2 of the Constitution, to review this
The war that caused British troops to set the US Capital on fire