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Who was the first state to ratify the Constitution?
Who were the fist slaves kidnapped by?
Who drafted most of the Bill of Rights?
Who was Washington sent to confront?
What communication did the telegraph give us?
What war was started by the "shot heard round the world"?
What kind of magic is Witchcraft?
Calhoun resigned what position?
Who's murder started King Phillips war?
A judge said Richardson should be found guilty of what?
Who surrendered at the Battle of Yorktown?
Where did the Mayflower dock?
Where did Thomas Hunt take Squanto?
What did Marbury vs. Madison establish?
What port did Jefferson want control of?
Andrew Jackson removed what from the Second Bank?
What building was saved by rain when the British burned Washington?
Dredd Scott vs. Sanford said Americans of African descent could not take a case to what court.
What kind of convention was the Seneca Falls Convention?
The Declaration of Independence separated the colonies from who?
James W. Marshall was overseeing construction on what when he found gold?
The Indian removal act affected what kind of Indians?
What state is Jamestown in?
By 1862 the Erie canal carried what % of us trade?
Where was the first place Columbus landed?